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Mike's Surf School

We are a licensed, insured and permitted surf school on the north shore of Oahu.  We offer Surf Lessons for beginners, intermediate surfers or even advanced surfers.  We offer (1-1) private surf lessons, also (1-2) semi private surf lessons, or group surf lessons (1-3 min). Operating everyday Monday through Saturday at 10-12pm or 2-4pm. All lessons are 2 hrs long. We begin with a 20 minute land lesson, then a 10 minute safety talk, then spend up to 90 minutes in the water safely catching waves.

logoFor our logo we decided to go with a pineapple with a wave line going through it.  “Health is wealth” is what our surf school stands for. Over the last ten years we’ve notice that happiness to us is being healthy enough to do what we love, which is surfing.  So eating healthy and staying active is key to catching tons of waves.


All Kayak Tours are 2-3 hours long and within that time we explore the infamous Laie Bay!  We also take you guys to a secret island in Laie Bay called “Mokuauia” or Goatisland!  On the beautiful island is a beautiful lagoon that we take you snorkeling around for 30 min and usually we get to see a Honu or Hawaiian Sea Turtle!